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SKI-TEC Chair Details

Our skis or your skis

Ski Chair

  • (1) One hand crafted SKI-TEC chair consists of 4 pairs of skis
  • Skis must be at least 160cm in length
  • Approximate SKI-TEC chair dimensions:
    Width: 30"
    Height: 41"
    Depth: 43"
    Weight: 35 pounds
  • Our Standard base: Wood and painted black with our secret blend of outdoor paint allowing the grain to show through.


    Hand Made SKI-TEC Chair (Private Collection) $275
    You provide the Skis - We build the Chair $250
    Want a SKI-TEC chair in your place of business?
    We might provide one on a consignment basis.
    Please contact us for details.
    Build your own Chair Plans: Coming Soon

  • Please contact us here with questions.

    Ski Tec


    Michelle - Lafayette, Colorado

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for the follow up. He LOVED it! He loves looking at the chair and letting the skis bring back all the memories of past runs. It's so nice that you have the option to incorporate your own skis into the chair. And it's comfortable too! It was the perfect Xmas gift.

    No Cookie Cutter - Buy a Ski-Tec Chair

    Don't you just hate rolling up to a BBQ and finding that they have the exact same patio furniture that you purchased at one of the chain stores? SKI-TEC adirondack chairs are absolutely unique, handcrafted in Denver, CO. We can guarantee you won't find another one EXACTLY like it anywhere in the world. How many people can say that about their patio furniture? you can sit on!!!

    Ski-Tec Dude

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